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Exotic (and easy) Persian Recipes
from Parvaneh Holloway

Once upon a time, I had the wonderful opportunity to experience fine Persian cooking first hand. Parvaneh Holloway, an accomplished Persian chef, has unveiled some secrets of this magnificent cuisine. She shares her recipes here, including how to make your own Persian Spice Blend to use in many dishes. Read More »

Persian Meatballs with Chicken and Turkey

Eggplant Dip, Persian Style

A delicious vegetarian dip with roasted Eggplant and Yogurt transports you to Persian spice bazaars. Read More »

Saffron Marinated Lamb Chops

During college I found myself living in Iran for a while. The delicious food, seasoned in ways that were unfamiliar and intriguing to me. Lamb marinated in saffron quickly became one of my favorite dishes. Read More »

Ash, a Persian Soup

Ash, the Essential Persian Soup

Ash is a very significant dish in Persian culture. The word “cook” translated into Farsi is “Ashpaz”, meaning the maker of Ash. The word “kitchen” in Farsi is “Ashpaz Khaneh”, meaning the house of the maker of Ash. Read More »

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