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Fresh for Autumn! A New Discovery from The Ingredient Finder

Good Morning Coffee Cake with Pumpkin Seed Oil

100% Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil from a family farm in Austria where this specialty has been made traditionally for generations. I have sampled many varieties of Pumpkin Seed Oil, and this one is by far my personal favorite. Only recently have American chefs and home cooks learned about elegantly flavor-packed, nutty and nutritious Pumpkin Seed Oil, which adds a unique touch to salads, makes a knock out risotto, enhances baked treats and elevates ice cream to the stratosphere.

Want to make Pumpkin Seed Oil Risotto with Avocado, Pumpkin imbued Good Morning Coffee Cake or Gorgonzola Pear Pumpkin Seed Oil Crostini. Visit theingredientfinder.com to learn how.

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