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Great Summer Recipes and Tips!

Summer is coming on fast, and it's time to enjoy every moment outdoors. We have been experimenting with our wonderful ingredients to elevate our grilling above and beyond the norm and are excited by the results. All you need are some hot coals and a bit of imagination to make your next barbecue extraordinary. Here's a great recipe. Read More >>

Essential Spice Blends and Sweet & Savory Spice Blend Collection

Until July 4th: A Very Special Special from The Ingredient Finder

Just in time for summer, recipes and ideas for grilling, salads and desserts, two La Boite a Epice collections, 6 Spice Blends total for only $49.99. Read More >>

Strawberries & Balsamic Vinegar

What the Italians Know: Strawberries & Balsamic Vinegar

Like irony, Balsamic vinegar should be used sparingly. A small amount of the deeply flavored liquid accents foods, and highlights flavors. Here's a great recipe. Read More >>

Cherries Jubilee, Fast and Fabulous by Chef Lior

Cherries Jubilee, Fast and Fabulous by Chef Lior

Our friend and colleague, Lior, created this recipe for food adventurers like you and me. His Mishmish Spice Blend ups the game with its perfect blend of Crystallized honey, saffron and lemon.

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